Collection of articles discussing social networking ideas for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Small Business Advertising Ideas for Online Marketing

May 31, 2018

An organized small business person understands the importance of harnessing effective advertising practices for online promotions. Below we have listed several small business advertising ideas designed specifically for online promotion and marketing. I’ve pulled these tips from the Break Through Advertising by Eugene Schwartz. Video Marketing From instructional videos and how-to content to demonstrations of […]

Pros and Cons of Major Digital Ad Networks

May 31, 2017

Ad networks are one of the main channels companies use to increase reach. That said, with so many different ad networks available, it can be tough understanding what benefits each has to offer and which one will work the most in your favor. While there are numerous digital ad networks available, here are some basic pros […]

Quickly Create a Facebook Cover with Instagram Photos

January 3, 2016

Sometimes I like to create a collage of Instagram photos for my personal or business Facebook cover. Three notable services to accomplish this includes Iconosquare, Pic Stitch or Insta Cover. My personal favorite is Iconosquare. Pic Stitch, an Android and IOS app, requires too much leg work since it does not talk directly to Instagram. […]

Amazing Tools For Small E-Commerce Business Owners

November 7, 2015

As a small online business owner, there are some nifty tools I depend on to maintain my e-commerce website. As a company owner, I have to worry about everything: marketing, quality control, finances, customer service, SEO and more. As far as running the online side of things, these tools can be extremely helpful. 1. Grammarly […]

Justice League Social Icons for Download

June 20, 2015

After our last post, Avengers Themed Social Icons for Marvel Fans, we couldn’t help ourselves from making an additional set of social icons dedicated to the Justice League of DC Comics.

Avengers Themed Social Icons for Marvel Fans

June 5, 2015

So Avengers 2, or Avengers: Age of Ultron, hit theaters last month obliterating the box office worldwide. Honestly, I really need to go see this movie again, because I pretty much hated it. Do you know how much that pains me to write that? I totally adore the actors, the heroes, Disney, Marvel and Joss Whedon. […]

Comic Book Junkies on Pinterest

March 1, 2014

I absolutely love Pinterest. Most of the time, I am drawn to geek related pins especially that of illustrations and sequential artwork based on comic book characters, movie icons and television series. Here are just a few fellow talented pinners we enjoy following. Brad Stephens Brad’s pins are organized into character specific boards collecting images […]

Fun and Interesting Artists Worth Following on Instagram

February 8, 2014

We couldn’t possibly list every remarkable artist on Instagram since there are literally millions of them. As a daily user of the photo-sharing site, I follow many wonderful people, most of them artists, and wanted to share some of those individuals/companies with you. Here are 15 fun and interesting artists that @printkeg follows. @dschwen David […]

Free Flat Social Media Icons

February 7, 2014

Recently, we faced some difficulty locating a decent set of social icons for our blog. Every time I thought I’d discovered a series with potential, one social destination would be missing. After some frustration, we created our own simple, free and flat icons for social media sites that you might also enjoy. Each set is […]

We Heart It At PrintKEG

January 14, 2014

It’s no secret that image-related social networks have rocket launched in popularity the past couple years. With the likes of Pinterest, Instagram, Pheed and Snapchat, can there possibly be room for another player in this space? When considering We Heart It, the answer might indeed be a huge yes. Big dog network, Facebook, and it’s […]