What type of paper does PrintKEG™ offer?
How do you pack the prints?
Does PrintKEG™ offer samples?
How do I get an invoice?
Why can’t I see a proof before placing my order?
Will I receive an order confirmation?
How do I contact Customer Service?
How do I check order status or tracking?

Art Related

What does full bleed mean?
Do I include crop marks?
When do I upload my art file?
My art file is large so I cannot upload or email it – any suggestions?
Do you print in RGB or CMYK?
How do I contact the Art Department?


What is CMYK color mode?
How can I guarantee color accuracy?
How do I match CMYK colors?
What if I want to create a solid black area?
Does lighting impact color quality?


Should I use my business name or my personal name?
Do you charge for shipping?
What shipping options do you offer?
Why can’t I ship to a P.O. Box?
Where does PrintKEG ship?
What shipping methods does PrintKEG offer?
How do I find my tracking number and track my shipment?
Can I use my own shipping account?
Do you offer international shipping?
Do you offer Saturday Delivery?
Can I ship my order to multiple locations?
Can I upgrade my shipping method once I place my order?
Will you ship my order if it finishes early?
Will I be notified when my order ships?
What is blind shipping and why do you offer it?
Your shipping fees seem high…why?