PrintKEG provides a few proofing options to facilitate quality and timeliness. Our staff dedicates the time and processes to create outstanding and personalized proofing techniques for all of our cheap printing products.

Proofs can affect your turnaround time. Please read further

No Proof (free)

If your art is the correct size and you’re ready, you may not require proofing. This option is great for orders that need a faster turnaround time. Don’t worry; we briefly review all files for quality purposes. If we see obvious problems, we will still send you a digital proof ensuring your prints look right!

We highly recommend a physical proof due to the meticulous nature of booklet printing. We understand some customers may be in a hurry due to strict deadlines, so we continue to offer a “no proof” option. If there are color, font, or image issues, we will not refund orders that forfeit the physical proof.

In cases where we send a digital proof due to art issues, please read below.

Digital Proof ($5 – $10)

Before printing, we’ll email you a digital proof in PDF format generally within 4-8 business hours. In most cases, we add one day to the turnaround time. A digital proof may help you visualize bleed and trim areas. It is also useful in discovering errors such as missing text and images. 

Digital proofs are not perfect for demonstrating color accuracy. They can be useful for catching apparent color modifications that occur while converting files from RGB to CMYK color mode. We would not guarantee colors with our Printkeg Promise if you did not add a digital proof to your order.

Special note: Digital proofs for Newsletters / Booklets may take 24 to 48 hours for us to complete and send. Unusual orders that contain artwork with multiple setup concerns may be transferred to our tier two design team. Turnaround and Proofing times will likely increase in these circumstances.


Video Proof ($15)

Video proofs are a fantastic way to see your physical booklet before committing to the entire run. Before production begins, we will email or text you a .MOV video showcasing one booklet. We highly recommend taking advantage of this step before moving forward with small or large booklet orders.

Standard & Next Day Mail Proof ($25 – $50)

Sometimes, it’s nice to see tangible proof before printing. We will send a physical copy/print for your approval, which only adds one or two days to your estimated ship date. Our shipping department sends standard proofs by UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail, and they ship Next Day proofs using the UPS Next Day Air service. Your estimated ship date will change based on when we receive approval to move forward. Newsletter/Booklet proofs may take 1-3 business days for setup, but we try to send them out as fast as we can.

We strive to send out physical proofs quickly, and we ensure shipping takes three days or less.

Please note:

1. A PDF proof is a “soft proof.” This representation shows you the size, text, and placement of your artwork. Because of the variances of monitor settings and differences in equipment, it is not necessarily an exact representation of the color. If your job is color critical, we suggest you request a “Standard & Next Day Mail Proof” option so you can view the product.

PDF proofs can be useful for perceiving color adjustments that occur while converting files from RGB to CMYK color mode.

2. Please check your email often. We may send a proof to be authorized. If these tests are not approved promptly, your order will most likely be delayed by us.

3 Please be sure to read our shipping and turnaround policies.