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Top Advertising Channels For Small Businesses in 2023

Every year we rework our advertising strategy. Today’s article shares our most vital top advertising channels for 2023. The marketing landscape constantly changes, and we are adopting the most practical, creative, and results-driven methods that make the most sense for our company.

7. Event Sponsorships

This avenue is tricky because event sponsorships can be super expensive with little immediate effect on your sales. There are clever ways to gauge sales conversions, and the branding opportunities take more work to evaluate. I prefer to build long-term relationships with influential people and event organizers. I carefully select popular events with reasonable sponsorship prices. The return on investment quickly becomes more apparent as time progresses. I love the branding aspect of sponsorships, significantly if the organizer limits the number of participating companies giving us maximum exposure.

  • Local exposure to consumers
  • Build relationships with influential people
  • Increase brand awareness

6. Facebook

Facebook is an outstanding manner of advertising your small business. You reach peoples’ interests, professionals, and local consumers in your area quickly and cheaply. Facebook, provided by Meta, offers a massive range of audience segments and an easy way to “boost” your posts. For almost a decade, I have selected Facebook over Google as a primary means of advertising, but in 2023 that is shifting. I like to take extended breaks from Facebook since our paid reach shrinks as time progresses. Learn more about how Facebook configures “reach” at the NeopolitanCat blog.

  • Target interests and demographics
  • Gain instant visitors and leads for a low cost
  • Older customers expect a Facebook presence

5. Instagram

I absolutely love promoting our company on Instagram. In fact, it is the first place we dabbled with social networking our company back before Facebook purchased the social network. We interacted daily with new pictures, hashtags, comments, and so forth. Our first customers came from Google Adwords, but many of our best customers came from Instagram. Nowadays, we spend dollars boosting our posts, which has helped us increase sales year-to-year. We still dedicate ourselves to new posts, natural interaction, and newer features like reels and stories.

  • Instant exposure to shoppers
  • Gain instant visitors and leads for a low cost
  • Increase brand engagement
  • Many customers expect an IG presence

4. Twitter

Starting in 2022, we increased our budget for Twitter advertising tenfold. Twitter finally added the ability to boost tweets, which is very convenient and worthwhile. Like Facebook, you can target hashtags, interests, and demographics. Promoting our posts has increased customer engagement and qualified traffic to our website. While Facebook participated in shady business tactics, I felt better about diving into Twitter headfirst. We made this decision about a year before The Great Takeover. Once Elon Musk seized the social network, our team was skeptical about continuing to engage. So far, nothing has changed regarding marketing results, so that is hopeful. Morally, I was briefly stumped, but if we abandoned every platform run by right-wing billionaires, we couldn’t advertise anywhere.

  • Promotions to specific groups, hashtags, or followers
  • Gain traction with a dedicated consumer base
  • Attract more visitors and leads for a low cost
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Younger customers prefer a Twitter presence

3. Email & SMS

Email feels so old-school, but email marketing remains crucial for any small business like us that is e-commerce driven. We’ve transcended beyond the typical sales/marketing and confirmation emails. Shopify allows us to send automated emails for abandoned carts, inactive customers, large-profile customers, and one-year customers. We also use a third-party app to send emails in various sales funnels based on customer activity. These new email triggers and notifications have significantly impacted our total revenue. Another app helps us implement some of the same tactics with SMS that complement those emails.

  • Perfect for notifying customers of sales
  • Build funnels to create automated sales channels
  • Attract prospects to make their first purchase
  • Improve or solidify brand awareness

2. Google My Business

Take this business profile page very seriously. Google My Business pages show up on Google results and Google Maps. We input most of our products, add weekly updates, make occasional sales, and provide coupon codes. The business profile page is also home to your Google reviews. Part of our email marketing campaigns includes asking customers for feedback and reviews us on Google. Spend a little time each week or month updating your business page, eventually turning it into a lead-generation machine. Remember to consider the importance of this business profile page for your overall SEO attracting natural web traffic.

  • Improves SEO strategy
  • Increase brand awareness and legitimacy
  • Attract more visitors without paid advertising

1. Word-of-Mouth

Customers talking up your business is the most significant element to building and maintaining a successful business. Many artists who use Printkeg promote our services because our prices and quality are difficult to match. We also work hard to keep customers smiling by backing up our products. This process takes time, but nothing is more crucial to success than happy customers.

Honorable Mentions

TikTok, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Google Adwords, Youtube, and Pinterest. We use Zapier to automate the sharing of posts to Pinterest and LinkedIn. We intend to add Snapchat to our lineup soon.