What Is Turnaround?

After you place an order and approve the art for production, turnaround consists of the time-period when a job is being printed, cut, folded, and packed. Turnaround times on our website does not include proofing, design time, or shipping transit times.

Turnaround changes based on product type and quantity, so please pay special attention to your estimated ship date when we email it to you. Remember, ship dates are estimated. We strive to match our website’s estimation, but a ship date can change. If you are under a strict deadline, please let us know in the messages area.


Turnaround and Shipping are Different

Many people often confuse these two steps. Turnaround and shipping are two very different periods. Turnaround is the time it takes to ship prints after you place an order (and art is approved). The shipping is the time it takes your order to reach your home or business. The shipping time begins AFTER the turnaround time ends.


Ship Dates Are Estimated

The estimated ship date is the day your order is initially scheduled to be shipped out and is determined by a product’s turnaround. Ship dates are estimated but can change due to a variety of reasons. If you, or your company, has a strict and immediate deadline quickly approaching, please contact us.

Each print type follows its own turnaround guidelines. Each time “update price” is selected, an estimated “ship date” is provided.

PrintKEG provides a brief list of how a ship date can change to keep customers better informed when a package will be shipped from our facility.


Shipping Methods

PrintKEG offers UPS Next Day, 2-Day, 3-Day and Ground shipping methods. Drop shipping and blind shipping options are also available. We also offer a variety of USPS shipping options.

When an order is shipped, we immediately email a tracking number to your PrintKEG ID. Tracking numbers are also available through the PrintKEG client control panel.

For UPS Ground Shipping, the below color-coded map provides approximate times of arrival according to where we are located (Beaufort, South Carolina). This map was taken directly from UPS and should be fairly correct, but PrintKEG cannot guarantee its accuracy.


Damaged Packages – Generally, we replace all damaged packages, but please learn more about The PrintKEG Promise and our return policies. We will likely ask for pictures in an effort to improve our internal processes and for filing a damage claim with UPS.


Tracking Packages

You are informed every step of the way including shipping.


Additional Shipping Questions

Please view our shipping FAQ for more answers concerning shipping.