Printkeg is currently seeking a Digital Media Coordinator.

This position requires a self-motivated, aggressive and extremely dedicated individual who can completely manage and enhance our online digital marketing. This person must be highly knowledgeable of social media (Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.), white hat SEO techniques and classic marketing strategies. Listed below are responsibilities and requirements for this position.

Primary Responsibilities

1. Communicate, participate and grow our social network presence on a daily basis. These networks include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Vine and many more. Individual must write original material, provide photography and engage with prospects (followers, fans etc.) on a daily basis.

2. Discuss future and current projects with clients via email, phone and social networks. While present at office location, this person will eventually share responsibility with online chat, customer emails and incoming phone calls.

3. Monitor, manage and improve paid online methods of advertising including, but not limited to, Google Adwords.

4. Maintain and implement necessary SEO techniques. This includes code optimization, link building, participation in related forums, online press releases and weekly blogging on our company website. A strong understanding of valid HTML is preferred.

5. Create and manage marketing campaigns in attempt to directly increase sales and overall brand awareness. This includes email marketing (Mail Chimp, Constant Contact), social networking, survey management, managing coupon codes, press releases and community networking. Prospect will also coordinate traditional methods of advertising such as radio and television (if we select to do so).

6. Leverage methods of measuring online successes and failures using tools such as, but not limited to, Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster tools.

7. Work closely with staff graphic designer to create images for blogging, social networking and all other marketing materials.

Special note

We understand individual may not be proficient in one or two components of job description. This position requires somewhat of a tech savvy person willing to continue learning and improving how we participate in various online outlets while also learning about future, upcoming networks and platforms.

If you have some shortcomings on what we are asking for, but have other complementary skill sets in this area, please consider still applying.


Friendliness – In many ways, this person will be the face of Printkeg to many people. Individual should be very friendly and love working with clients and vendors. Managing community relationships is as important as digital socializing.

Bright and self-motivated – Individual must be able to maintain a rigorous schedule of promoting the company with primary focus on brand recognition. The position also requires strong language skills and ability to work with customers and vendors.

Education – A Bachelor’s Degree in marketing, journalism or related field required.

Please email resumes to Chris Mullen at