Once in a while people ask how we can be so cheap, but it really isn’t rocket science. It’s merely a reflection of our absolute dedication in being an amazing print company. Great prices, great products, great service equals a great company. That’s our model.

Our amazing prints and focus on personal customer service is really what differentiates us from our competition. So exactly how do we keep prices to darn low?

The Recipe

1. Lower markup
PrintKEG simply has a low markup on printing. Our markup is lower than what others are willing or able to provide. We do this by aggressively negotiating and streamlining.

2. Buy in bulk
PrintKEG buys huge amounts of paper and media at one time allowing us to offer it at reduced costs.

3. We’re digital
Our production presses are 100% digital, which gives us an advantage on short run printing. In simple terms, it costs us less to provide print jobs of low quantities.

4. We recycle everything
We use overruns as samples, use scraps for packing, reuse any box we come across, etc. We strive to minimize waste in every way possible. Our packing isn’t always pretty, but it serves it’s purpose of protecting. We’re proud to recycle anything we possibly can.

5. Specialized
We specialize in printing flyers and posters giving us an advantage and extra savings when buying equipment and supplies.

6. Only if we’re cheaper
We only offer items and quantities that WE CAN be cheaper. Otherwise we’ll recommend someone else. Offering the cheapest choices to customers is our thing.

We look forward to working with you and saving you money. And don’t worry, we don’t sacrifice quality.