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Avengers Themed Social Icons for Marvel Fans

So Avengers 2, or Avengers: Age of Ultron, hit theaters last month obliterating the box office worldwide. Honestly, I really need to go see this movie again, because I pretty much hated it. Do you know how much that pains me to write that? I totally adore the actors, the heroes, Disney, Marvel and Joss Whedon. Unfortunately, the movie was absolute garbage. Maybe it wasn’t Transformers or Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith bad, but it was pretty darn bad by any measure aside from revenue. But, I haven’t given up on the franchise or the Marvel Universe yet. I’m still looking forward to Avengers 3 and 4 (Infinity War) and the other many connected films.

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Avengers Apology

This week, Marvel announced they will be revaming the Marvel Universe (comic books) yet again which will result in major changes across the board and all the books are restarting at #1. The new initiative will not erase or rewrite history which previous comics volumes have established. However, “All-New, All-Different” will pick up eight months after the conclusion of the current storyline “Secret Wars” and much will have happened in that time period to alter the landscape.

Whether you agree with the bold move or not, Marvel is continuing to shake things up and diversify their characters. We are talking about a still secretive and rehashed Hulk, an older Wolverine and multiple Spider-Mans. Recent changes such as the female Thor and black Captain America (formerly Falcon) will remain intact.

New Marvel Characters

With all this Marvel news, our designer, Jessica, happily created a set of Avengers themed social icons that might be fun to use on any blog or website pertaining to Marvel. Enjoy!

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Avengers superhero social icon set

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