Instagram artists - dcshwen

Fun and Interesting Artists Worth Following on Instagram

We couldn’t possibly list every remarkable artist on Instagram since there are literally millions of them. As a daily user of the photo-sharing site, I follow many wonderful people, most of them artists, and wanted to share some of those individuals/companies with you. Here are 15 fun and interesting artists that @printkeg follows.


David Schwen is a creative illustrator and designer who owns a Minneapolis studio focusing on design based projects for branding, advertising and illustration. @dschwen in one of my personal favorite Instagrammers and has even been spotlighted by Instagram for his intuitive photos. A definite must follow.

Instagram artists - dcshwen


This artist focuses on DC Comic characters along with popular Marvel and Disney icons. Currently, the artist is eagerly anticipating the next Superman movie so he’s focused on Superman and Batman. There are thousands of Instagrammers creating fan art, but something about this artist’s style intrigues me.

Artist Colour_only85



17th and Oak is the creative work of Pete Ware, a freelance graphic designer specializing in personalised one-of-kind prints of popular character silhouettes combined with famous one-liners. His work is sold on posters, postcards and t-shirts through

Instagram artist - 17thandoak



This highly talented designer and illustrator enjoys creating Star Wars and Marvel themed art. How could I not add an artist who created a name tag for Chewbacca? Genius!

Instagram artist - Beast_Box_Designs



This artist captures numerous street art and graffiti of aliens and monsters in Rotterdam.

Artist - Oxalien

With 18k followers, @mrsscraig, an amazing young artist, shows off serious talent while in the middle of projects. Portraits seems to be her specialty.

Illustrator - mrsscraig


Photographer in San Clemente, Craig Books captures unbelievable shots of surfing and insane waves among other things. Some of the photographs are absolutely amazing.

Photographer - cbook4


As a printer of stickers, we love the name stickers-are-not-dead. Throughout the life of this group’s postings, there are a ton of awesomely geek stickers to browse through.

Sticker designer - stickersarenotdead


Almost 45k followers will agree that Dan Cole is a wonderful photographer. Check his website out if you have the chance:

hotographer - dankhole


The work of brilliantly talented photographer in New York, Kevin Lu, is a wonderful account to follow.

Photographer - sweatengine


Israel based photographer, Victor Bezrukov, uses the “less is more” approach to the craft and uses the “Simply B&W” app to enhance his art. As of this writing, he also still utlizes an iPhone 4 which is amazing in itself.

Photographer - stran9e


CS major at CSUF in LA, David Gamboa is one of many talented photographers on Instagram using Samsung and Android devices only, and we’re lucky to witness his adventures.

Photographer - David Gamboa



These cute doodles by writer, director, Illustrator Evgenia Golubeva (also uses pen name Jane Neverwood) who enjoys writing and creating great characters for children and adults.

illustrator - neverland_dictator


Anyone willing to provide services for a niche group of Star Wars fans and tattoos is either nuts or brilliant, and I’m betting on the latter. This has to be the coolest name for a Tattoo shop ever. I personally would call my Star Wars tattoo shop Tatooine, but that’s me!

Tattoo artist- rogueleadertattoo


Lover of travelling, Joanne Pai is a food and lifestyle photographer in Vancouver that puts most foodporn to shame. Her photos are as beautiful and simple as the food she photographs.

photographer - sliceofpai


I could write a thousand posts listing talented artists on Instagram and that would barely scratch the surface. Millions of artists showcase their work through the social network which is the major reason why I love the photo-sharing app so much.