Square business cards are becoming more popular every day which often includes 2×2, 2.5×2.5 or 3×3; the smallest size being a clear favorite of our staff. Recently, a customer of ours printed a clean and contemporary design (as seen below). I personally found them to be perfect implementations of pocket sized marketing material where each creative member receives a differentiating colored card.

2x2 square business cards

This next example is a 3×3 corporate business card template found on Graphic River also using a multicolored platform to accommodate a group of employees.

corporate square business cards

Mini square cards are an excellent medium for QR Codes and logos. If you do add a QR code to a business card, be sure the web page is mobile friendly and has a purpose other than simply being a link to the home page. Also, QR Codes can be multicolor (not black and white) allowing for more branding flexibility.

mini square business cards

Again, square business cards and QR Codes go hand in hand evident by yet another nice looking template by IntenseArtisan on Graphic River.

qrcode on square card

In my opinion, Graphic River has the most versatile inventory of business card templates on the planet including miniature square shaped alternatives. This next card is an awesomely creative design for directors (art directors, movie directors, marketing directors.)


directors business card

The following mini square business card design attracted my interest due to the circular design resembling an iPod or music player which would fit well for any music professional or musician.

circle business card

Personal business cards can be useful for many situations, especially for self-marketing, and many are homemade. This personal business card on Behance by Wizytówka demonstrates how the square shaped card can be paired nicely with a matching stamp. Writers, job seekers, designers, parents and salespeople may find square business cards easier to carry and pass out.

personal square business card

Claudia Sofia Llaguno from Lafayette, California, submitted a beautiful design on Behance.net involving Brenda Cantu Photography. I always thought photographers disliked the Instagram movement as far a the square shape is concerned, but these cards are worthy proponents of why square cards are amazing, and contemporary, forms of business cards.

photographer square cards

Another creative professional embracing square business cards, Sara Cafagna in Rome, Italy created a lovely black square business card for an architect that has a rectangular sister. I’ve always been partial to rich black business cards and this example is a major reason why.

black square business card

Sara Enerson of Oslo, Norway, conceptualized a self promoting line of print media including candy colored square business cards. The idea of self promoting herself as a “treat” to a future employer is genius and well thought out.

self-promotion business cards

Raanon Rosenfield, a designer in of San Diego California, still appreciates the impression business cards can have with clients along with the cuteness and portability of square sized business cards.

cute square business cards

Business cards may have less effect than they once did; nevertheless, they still seem to play an essential role for self promotion. Square business cards can work wonders with starting up a conversation with a prospect and standing out as a unique service. This may be true for any quadrilateral card size that strays from the traditional 3.5×2 rectangle card, but the square has peeked as the popular shape due to the numerous photo sharing apps and social networks and is here to stay.

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