Black Lives Matter posters
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Free Black Lives Matter Posters

Fine Acts collaborated with a dozen talented Black typographers and lettering artists to create downloadable license-free protest Black Lives Matter posters – all yours to print and share.  What is Fine Acts? Fine Acts, a nonprofit for socially engaged creative solutions, launched at TED 2015. Founded…
File Prep Problem #1 - Font Issues
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5 Common File Prep Problems You Should Avoid

Commercial printing can be a wonderfully rewarding experience for artists, marketers and entrepreneurs. Yet, It can also become frustrating since not everyone is a qualified graphic designer or knowledgable of the graphic communications industry. Improper file prep can lead to a final print product not…
Antman Fan Art
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Ant-Man Posters and Artwork That Are Giant Hits

To be released on July 17th, Ant-Man probably has a great deal of mainstream moviegoers confused, but Marvel aficionados understand this is an important character in the famous comic universe. But, check out this discussion about the character with one my personal Facebook friends.  …
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21 Beautifully Printed Flyer Designs

Flyers come in many different sizes, shapes and paper weights these days as designers, marketers and printers have extended their functionality and use. Our company calls small flyers "postcards" since they are generally heavy, and we call leaflets "flyers" since cheaper (in price not quality)…
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Welcome 2013

First, I must start with this: Thank you! We depend on our customers and appreciate every single dollar, order and opportunity. Thanks to every one of you out there who is working with PrintKEG. 2012 was undoubtedly exciting for PrintKEG. We got better at what…
Work of Omar Patterson
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Featured Artist: Omar Patterson

It's been awhile since we posted our first featured artist, Mr. Robbie White. Yesterday, a young man named Omar Patterson visited us to order some large prints of his artwork. Omar used to work part-time at PrintKEG while attending school so we knew this kid…