Black Lives Matter posters
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Free Black Lives Matter Posters

Fine Acts collaborated with a dozen talented Black typographers and lettering artists to create downloadable license-free protest Black Lives Matter posters – all yours to print and share

What is Fine Acts?

Fine Acts, a nonprofit for socially engaged creative solutions, launched at TED 2015. Founded by two TED Senior Fellows and an Obama Scholar, the organization often works with brilliant minds worldwide. The Fine Acts Collective currently features more than 40 TED Fellows and is growing to include other prominent artists and advocates. 

The Time For Change is Now.

The fight for racial justice renewed following the police slayings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and many others. We support the Black Lives Matter movement and agree that systemic change is necessary to restore justice. The reality of how many of our citizens must live in is horrendous. We all need to do our part.

Download Your Favorite Black Lives Matter Poster.

Below are some examples of the available Black Lives Matter poster designs we loved most. All of the files can be viewed and downloaded at

Black Lives Matter poster design by Edinah !
This design created by Edinah — the creator behind Wildlogic — who is a visual designer and artist co-mingling within various fields of visual communication.
Poster design by Rick Griffith
Rick Griffith is a British-born, West-Indian designer based in the USA (Denver CO). Founder and partner in the Design Consultancy MATTER, his letterpress printing is an expression of his writing practice.
Love has no color posters by Jean Carlos García Suárez
Jean Carlos García Suárez (Champola) lives in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He’s an Art Director and lover of typefaces, calligraphy and lettering.
Poster template by Jean Carlos Emmanuel Wisdom
Emmanuel Wisdom is a multidisciplinary graphic & hand lettering designer in Philly. He specializes in hand lettering, typography and murals.
Black Lives Matter poster design by Adrian Meadow
Adrian Meadows is a graphic designer, hand-lettering artist and muralist born and raised in Spartanburg, SC. Through his love of letters and design, he has been able to collaborate with numerous companies such as Adobe, Car & Driver Magazine, BuzzFeed News, Makeup Forever, and his hometown, the City of Spartanburg.

Print Your Black Lives Matter Posters Today!

If you intend to print one of these designs as posters, please use coupon code BLACKLIVESMATTER to save 50% off printing at Printkeg. This coupon is only good if you are printing one of the amazing designs located at Fine Acts.