A painting that will soon be reproduced on canvas
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Why Is Canvas Printing So Popular for Fine Art Reproductions?

Today, we will explore the numerous benefits of reproducing artwork on canvas! While both prints and reproductions are copies of original artwork, they are created differently. Prints are unique copies made manually by the artist using techniques like etching, relief, stenciling, lithography, or engraving. Reproductions, on the other hand, are mass-produced using modern printing methods.

Fine art reproductions gained popularity in the early 19th century when mechanical innovations allowed the mass production of famous artworks with sophisticated printers. This innovation enabled ordinary people to buy and enjoy high-quality reproductions of their favorite paintings for the first time.

In the 20th century, advanced computer-based printing processes like Giclee enabled the mass production of fine art with quality nearly indistinguishable from the original. Due to their high quality, Giclee reproductions are often marketed as prints, though they are technically beautiful reproductions.

Why Are Giclee Canvas Prints So Popular?

Giclee reproductions can be printed on various mediums, including paper and canvas, but canvas has become increasingly popular. Many artists now prefer canvas because it offers numerous benefits over paper mediums, particularly in price, quality, and aesthetics.

Giclee prints on canvas also offer museum-quality finishes. At Printkeg, we provide a “Photo Matte” finish to reduce glare in brightly lit displays and a “Photo Gloss Satin” finish to protect the artwork’s vibrant, true-to-life colors.

Aesthetic Advantages of Canvas Fine Art Prints

Giclee printing on canvas uses high-quality pigment inks on the canvas substrate, creating a textured and painterly effect. This technique enhances the artwork’s richness and depth, providing a more authentic representation of the original painting. Giclee prints on canvas also have a tactile quality, which many artists believe enhances the viewing experience.

Giclee prints on canvas also offer museum-quality finishes. At Printkeg, we provide a Matte finish to reduce glare in brightly lit displays and a Satin finish to protect the artwork’s vibrant, true-to-life colors.

Longevity of Canvas Prints

Another critical advantage of canvas prints is their longevity. The canvas is sturdy and robust, standing up well against scratches and scuffs, making it more durable.

Canvas also maintains color vibrancy much longer than paper. Printkeg prints are finished with a protective coating that enhances durability and provides UV protection, ensuring the image does not deteriorate from sunlight and other environmental factors. This natural durability is why many canvas paintings in galleries and museums have remained beautifully preserved for centuries.

Economic Benefits of Canvas Printing

Due to their durability, canvas prints do not require matting or framing under glass, simplifying the process of hanging and exhibiting them. A Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Print requires only a bracket, a wall hook, and a steady hand for hanging.

While canvas is typically more expensive than paper, it often becomes the more economical choice because it does not incur additional costs for framing and mounting.

Printing Family Photos on Canvas

Canvas is also highly adaptable for printing family photos, allowing you to transform your precious memories into long-lasting pieces of artwork. Canvas prints can be customized to suit various size requirements.