Scarlet Witch

Marvel Comics Storylines MCU Fans Should Read

I have loved reading about superheroes and mutants for as long as I can remember, which is why printing comic books are my most joyful business practice. Hundreds of writers entertained me through childhood trauma, illustrators motivated me to become a better drawer, and the…
Kylo Ren Illustration in Ink
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Kylo Ren Art & Memes We Hate to Love

A while back we showcased some "Force Awakens" artwork, but this time, we wanted to delve more into Kylo Ren art and explore a character who has become a hated and iconic villain we cannot ever forget. The dark force user, Kylo Ren, in the…
Netflix Series: Jessica Jones
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Netflix Jessica Jones Review and Artwork

As an avid Marvel comic collector back in the 90's, I just barely missed the introduction of Jessica Jones in 2001's Alias #1. Recently, Netflix launched a new widely anticipated series, Jessica Jones, starring the character, which has been an exceptional alternative to the typical…