Mickey Mouse as Captain America

Celebrate 100 Years of Disney with Marvel Variant Covers

2023 marks 100 years of the Walt Disney Company. In 1923, a young and ambitious Walter Elias Disney began work in Los Angeles at his new animation studio, now the world’s most extensive entertainment company. Today, a large part of the company’s success is thanks to the acquisition of Marvel Comics, which Disney gained in 2009. As part of the Disney 100 celebration, Marvel announced a series of upcoming variant covers for several comic book titles. The company reimagined past iconic covers with Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters.

Avengers #1

This first variant cover features Mickey Mouse as Captain America in his triumphant return in 1964’s Avengers #4. In this issue, Namor the Sub-Mariner finds the sleeping Cap in an ice block and revives the World War II super soldier in the present day. In this comic history moment, the Avengers exploded and became a huge hit. Cover by Lorenzo Pastrovicchio/Colors by Valeria de Sanctis (Arcania Studios).

Avengers #1 Disney Variant Cover

Fantastic Four #1

The comic that truly jumpstarted the Marvel Age was Fantastic Four #1, from 1961. In this recreation, Disney transforms the iconic Jack Kirby cover with characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy replacing Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Girl, the Thing, and the Human Torch, respectively. Can you hear Goofy screaming “Flame on!” just by looking at this image? Cover by Giada Perissinotto/Colors by Chiara di Francia (Arcania Studios).

Fantastic Four #1 Disney Variant Cover

The Incredible Hulk #1

In what reality would Goofy get smacked with a burst of gamma radiation? Apparently, in our uinverse, Goofly is imagined as a raging Hulk. This variant cover Disney-fies 1962’s The Incredible Hulk #1. This cover became another touchdown from the dream team Stan Lee and Jackie Kirby. The interesting detail changed is that “Goofy Hulk” is green and not gray like in the original issue. We can agree that Goofy appears far better in the more popular green. Cover by Vitale Mangiatordi/Colors by Valeria de Sanctis (Arcania Studios). 

The Incredible Hulk #1 Disney Variant Cover

More Disney100 variant covers will arrive. Our friends at The Nerdist foresee an X-Men #1 and probably an Amazing Fantasy #15 on the horizon. As Stan Lee would say, “Excelsior!” Now, you try to say that in Mickey Mouse’s voice.