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20 Reasons Why Square Business Cards are Pretty Slick

Although, we’ve seen square business cards implemented throughout numerous industries, it seems graphic designers, artists and web designers enjoy working with them the most. Any card beautifully designed will certainly make an impression, but, sadly, only one in one hundred card projects we provide are square shaped. We’d love to see more people embracing this unique business card shape. Here’s our list of 20 reasons why square business cards are pretty slick.

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1. Square cards fit in your pants or shirt pocket with ease.

2. Square business cards are totally cute.

3. They fit better in wallets.

4. Square is more contemporary.

5. Instagram made squares cool again. Your square card could make you cool again.

6. They instill creativity.

7. A smaller canvas forces you to keep it simple while designing

8. They fit in that tiny useless pocket inside your real jeans pocket. (which is actually called a fob pocket and was originally created for pocket watches.)

9. Square cards catch more attention due to their uniqueness.

10. They are ridiculously good as conversation starters.

11. These cards insist that you to think outside normal business card design.

12. They takes less time designing.

13. Square business cards are clearly less boring than rectangular cards.

14. It’s hip to be square.

15. Square cards can be thrown like frisbees.

16. Squares fold into a perfect triangle

17. Square cards could be called quadilateral cards too – that sounds impressive right?

18. Square cards are weigh less since they are smaller. This one’s a stretch.

19. Square cards are easy to play paper football with.

20. Square cards are unique compared to rectangle cards. Oh wait we used this one already.

Ideas for business cards we’ve printed or found on Pinterest (see our Pinterest business card board today)

We love this minimal design.

Square business card - minimal


This is a sophisticated yet colorful design for a square business card.

Square business card - colorful


Awesome promotional square card for a music producer right?

Square business card - smart


Square business cards using solid colors or slight gradients always look amazing.

Square business card - solid color

Printkeg prints square business cards on uncoated matte or coated gloss 16pt 130# cover card stock and turnaround is often very quick. Learn more.