Whether you’re a Walking Dead fanatic or feeling possessed around Halloween time, zombies are a killer theme for parties, events and hangings so undead related flyers might prove convenient for an apocalypse obsessed designer. For $6, these zombie templates from GraphicRiver are bloody good deals!

Zombie Halloween Flyer Template

Owners or marketers of night clubs and bars throwing a Halloween bash should download this simple, yet eerily effective, zombie flyer available from Graphic River (graphicriver.com) titled Zombie Halloween Flyer Template by mixmedia87. Includes a freaky undead cartoon zombie with protruding brains. Template cost is only six bucks.

Halloween Zombie Flyer


Zombie Race Flyer 

The only thing spreading faster than the walker virus is the phenonmenon or Zombie races and walks. This 4×6 “Zombie Race Flyer” (a postcard size to us) might inspire your event’s designer or be extremely useful for a graphically less inclined marketer responsible for attracting demented participants. The $6 template includes everything needed for sending to a commercial printer.

Zombie Race Flyer


Zombie Hallloween Party Flyer – For Quick Editing

The only thing easier than contracting the zombie virus is working with this next flyer template. The “Zombie Halloween Party”  template provides an easy and quick way to design a flyer for last minute marketing efforts since you or your designer will only need to change some of the text.  This 4×6 template is a well organized CMYK file that already provides ample bleed area and is perfectly set up for any commercial printer. As a bonus, the creator, plaxtico, has also included three design versions with unique color variations.

Zombie Halloween Party Flyer


Zombie Book Cover

Are you writing your own scary novel or short story this Halloween? The below image shows a book cover by designsmill that might be helpful for writers with little graphic expertise. This book cover is designed for horrors, murder mysteries, thrillers and zombie focused books.The template will provide a foundation for making a cover, but be warned: the photo on the cover requires addtional payment.

Sadly, the day after this article posted, GraphicRiver removed this template for unknown reasons.

Zombie Book Cover Template


Dead Inside Halloween Party Flyer

Reminiscent of The Walking Dead, this next Halloween party flyer design by GMScreech comes with five color styles, and was created as a 4×7 flyer which is a little unusual, but completely workable. Like many other templates, you will need to download the appropriate fonts from Dafont.com, and the designer recommends familiarizing yourself with the PSD layers before making changes.

4x7 Zombie Flyer Template


Kids Halloween Party Card/Flyer

Halloween is one of the coolest days to have a birthday as a child or an adult. If you are planning a thrilling Halloween party for the kids, this Kids Halloween Party Card by GabrielMatari will work great as an invite. All of the images are included (which erks me when they are not) and the CMYK 4×6 template is ready for any commercial or home printer.

Halloween Kids Party Flyers and Card Template


Zombie Halloween Party Flyer – Typography Centric

This typography centric postcard template is one of my favorites. “Zombie Halloween Party Flyer” by BossTwinsMusic is a clean, yet grungy, invitation that highlights special guests. With a template size of 8.3×11.7, the art can easily be resized to a postcard or large poster without compromising quality.

Zombie Hunter Card Template


Out of all the templates we reviewed, there were very few survivors that could be recognized this time around. We encourage all you zombie hunters out there to spend more time hunting the undead at GraphicRiver in search of your final kill.