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Valentines Cards For Nerds Like Me

Listen up people. Physical, real life, handheld cards are more personal and thoughtful than posting on Facebook or sending an e-card. If you order flowers or chocolate, please think about following up with a carefully selected Valentines Card that shows how much you care. If your guy or gal is a techie, kinda nerdy or full fledged geek, here are some ideas that might help with selecting the right Valentines card.

Star Wars Valentines Card

This particular 5×7 folded card from Hallmark is made for people using the force for love. The back reads “Looking forward to many sequels with you.” If I received this card from my wife, I would fall in love all over again.

Star Wars Valentines Day Card

Darwin Valentines Card

Right away I giggled when I spotted this hilarious Valentines 5×7 card at Zazzle which can be customized.

Darwin Valentines Card

Superman Valentines Card

Another great nerdy Valentines Day card from Zazzle featuring Clark Kent and Lois Lane, one of the most popular examples of unconditional love in the the comic world, that can be customized. Zazzle hosts a number of big brand products that are customizable including DC and Marvel.

Superman Valentines Card

Zombie Ant-Valentines Card

Is your lover a Walking Dead fanboy? This day and age, we can’t ignore the zombie movement. This ant-valentines card available at Cafepress could represent a number of feelings. This card is available in three sizes including small 4 x 5.6, large 5 x 7 and the extra large 7.8 x 11.

Zombie Valentines Day Card

Candy Crush Valentines Card

If you and your significant other are addicted to each other as much as the game, this A2 sized greeting card (with red envelope) is for you. Created by BootsArt and available on Etsy, this artist features many other notable geeky art prints worth reviewing.

Candy crush valentines card

Harry Potter Valentines Cards

A variety of Harry Potter Valentines cards by DarkroomandDearly are brilliantly funny. The artist also features characters from Star Wars, Dr. Who, Princess Bride, Zelda  among many more. Trust me, you will want to look over these geeky/nerdy cards which are also sold on Etsy.

Harry Potter Valentines Cards

Zelda Valentines Card

Link has grown up a lot since I’ve played The Legend of Zelda. I’m talking gold cartridge with a battery inside it time period. Nevertheless, this lineup of hearts is classically iconic. This heavyweight 7 x 5 or 5 x 7 greeting card called “I want to spend my remaining life with you card” is available on Zazzle and includes a white envelope.

Zelda Valentines Day Card

Elements Valentines Card

Apparently, Zazzle is a pretty awesome place for geeky Valentines Day cards. Here is yet another really clever card using the elements from the Periodic Table. Not-so-cleverly named “Geek Nerd Science Happy Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards” this 5×7 card will bring out a smile from any fan of The Big Bang Theory or Breaking Bad.

Elements Valentines Card

Typography Inspired Cards made a collection of Valentines card ideas to inspire typography geeks everywhere. I spotted this particular one through Pinterest, but there are many more worth checking out.

Typography valentines card for design geeks

Cards With Molecules

Fluidinkletterpress on Etsy has some really well crafted cards. A few that caught my eye include these handmade cards with molecule structures of coffee beans or chocolate. The complete body of unique work by this Australian based letterpress company is worth looking over.


Molecules cards

Valentines for Web Designers

Available from Cafepress, I would love to give this card to my wife, but she would have no earthly clue what it means, and she couldn’t possibly know to give me this card. If your loved one is a web designer, he or she will thoroughly enjoy this card .. .trust me!

HTML and CSS valentines card

Make Your Own Card

Obviously, if you are a talented graphic designer, you may want to make your own card which is very thoughtful and requires more time than selecting a card. Places like Printkeg, Zazzle, Cafepress or Uprinting are all great places to print a high quality flat or folded card.


Some of the best sources I found for Valentines cards for nerds like myself are Zazzle, Cafepress and Etsy. I discovered many of these destinations and cards by using Pinterest’s search features rather than using the websites themselves. Hopefully, this gallery has inspired you enough to find that special card for the geek in your life.