Brochures can be an awesome method of showcasing any brand while providing detailed information about products and services. Unfortunately, many small business owners don’t spend enough time or resources on creating a well executed brochure…and that’s sad for me to watch as a printer. There are a few simple ways to enhance the brochure experience for prospects and clients which effectively increases ROI. Here are some killer ways to drastically improve your next brochure design.

Keep It Clean

Utilizing white or empty space (or negative space) is a powerful technique when motivating consumers to pay attention to what’s important. This space allows for optimal readability of primary content, guides readers and is essential for a balanced flow that often assists in branding and overall marketing effectiveness. By implementing proper negative space techniques, a brochure will appear incredibly more pleasing and balanced. The bottom line: People will want to pick up and read your brochure.

Clean Brochure Design


Be Bold

Brochures are really awesome when designed and printed well. But in this day and age, brochures really need to be boldly designed and capture the audience’s attention. Even utilitarian brochure styled prints like take-out menus should optimize the benefits of branding opportunities through stunning objects and rich color schemes.

Bold Brochure Design


Add a QR Code

Printers love QR Codes, but the feelings are mixed with consumers. However, there is not yet a more popular way to engage consumers digitally through print media. Sure, we can list our website and social spots, but there are so many untapped ways to use QR codes. My only suggestion is to select smart destinations so users don’t feel cheated. For instance, one big “no-no” is to lazily link to your homepage. A brochure’s QR code should be as fine-tuned, relevant and useful as possible. There are some exciting alternatives on the horizon, but for now, QR codes remain the most mainstream way of scanning print materials. One more thing to mention; QR Codes can be manipulated to appear more creative as long as important pieces are preserved.

QR Code on Brochure


Add A Coupon

One highly plausible method of enticing customers to hold on to brochures for an extensive time period is to include a coupon or coupon code. If I can save 15% or get something free, I might go ahead and store that bad boy. This is also an effective way of improving sales conversion rates. Designers and marketers will have to work together in maintaining a harmonious stapling of design elements and functionality.

Brochure with Coupon

Call To Action

One of the biggest boo-boo’s I see on a daily basis while printing brochures is the failure of adding a call to action. People must be directed what you need them to do to move forward. Simply stating “Get Started Saving” or “Call us today” is essential in ensuring customers know what needs to be done. There are some easy techniques in creating a solid call to action phrase. By implementing some key, and simple, strategies, you can drastically improve ROI and conversions. I like the sound of that.

Call to Actions on Brochures


Try Thicker Paper Stocks

Not all print companies offer thicker cover/card paper stocks for brochures, and when thicker options are available, they are generally way more expensive. Depending on the brochure function, a thicker brochure feels better and will last longer. I personally like a thicker tri-fold brochure, but the extra expense may not always make sense. In instances where making an impression is vital, I recommend a higher quality and thicker media.

Thicker Brochure


Try Different Sizes

Just like restaurants have to refresh the menu once in a while, your business should consider altering the design and message to fit a variety of brochure sizes. Brochures are most well-known for being trifold, but they can be half folded or in booklet format. When printing brochures, try looking over other products, most notably booklets, and format accordingly. Don’t fret, this isn’t always necessary because some consumers expect the traditional modes of print material. For inspiration, you can see a wide and impressive group of brochures on

Booklet Style Brochure



Good luck with designing and printing your next brochure!