Tomorrowland 2015 Illustration

Tomorrowland Was Terrific and So Is This Artwork

This past weekend, I reluctantly carried my children to see Disney’s Tomorrowland. Online reviews and critics were mixed about the movie and Rotten Tomatoes was sitting at a mediocre 50% which is a low grade in my opinion. Also, the initial trailers were not exactly emulating movie mojo here. But, it was Memorial Day weekend, and it was the only new family movie released.

For me, two things were going for this film: The first is George Clooney. Secondly, the film is co-witten and directed by Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Iron Giant). Was this going to be a blatant two hour advertisement of the aging Tomorrowland (which it is) or an enjoyable family film? Despite what critics are saying, I am telling you right now, this is a good movie. The film is action packed, fun, imaginative and entertaining. An article on Oh My Disney explains everything perfectly and prepares you before seeing the film without actually giving away the plot.

To celebrate the film, here is some terrific Tomorrowland artwork by fans around the world.

There were about a dozen really nice Tomorrowland pieces belonging to portfolios of Behance designers. One I particularly liked is this Tomorrowland tribute poster by The Dark Inker who created a “Poster Posse Tribute to Disneys Movie Tomorowland” using PhotoShop.

Tomorrowland Tribute Poster


In case you don’t know – The Poster Posse is a diverse collective of global artists who work with pop culture themes to create unique, collectible, art. They enjoy showcasing desirable artwork of upcoming movies (as indicated by the title tag of their home page). This next artist, Matt Needle, in the United Kingdom posted his Tomorrowland submittal to Poster Posse on Behance as well.

Tomorrowland Poster Posse Project


This next poster print by Minimalist Magic – Art By Tony Sherg is available at Society6. The artist describes the poster as a vintage style poster design inspired by the evocative and optimistic nature of the film.

Tomorrowland Minimal Poster


To Society6’s credit, they had quite a few nice Tomorrowland prints I loved that featured Captain Eo, Star Tours and Space Mountain. One unusual print that caught my attention was this abstract artwork titled “Come With Me to Tomorrowland” by Uta Krauss. I’m not that into abstract myself, and I have no earthly idea how this is related to Tomorrowland (maybe it isn’t), but again, it simply caught my attention.

Tomorrowland Abstract Poster


This next wonderful piece located at DeviantArt is an illustration simply titled “Tomorrowland 2015” by Grawey211who was fairly excited about the Tomorrowland trailer.

Tomorrowland 2015 Illustration


If you get a chance to watch Tomorrowland, I highly recommend doing so. We hope you enjoyed this collection of Tomorrowland posters. Please share this page with your friends.