Top Blockchains Artists Prefer for NFTs

Artists primarily prefer blockchain platforms that offer robust features, user-friendly interfaces, a strong community, and broader visibility for selling their NFTs. Ethereum has been the dominant blockchain for NFTs due to its early adoption, established infrastructure, and widespread support within the crypto community. However, ETH…
Large Canon Printer

7 Reasons You Keep Running Out of Printer Ink

The most common problem you might experience when using your printer at the home or office is your printer ink runs out too fast. With a few modifications, ink consumption can become more tolerable and less profit draining. Here are 7 reasons you keep running…
Business Meeting

Business Tips For New Entrepreneurs

I have learned so much as a small business owner for the last twenty years of my life and compiled my own business tips for new entrepreneurs. Along the way, I've uncovered many lessons the hard way and others the not-so-hard way. Many small business…
Online Reviews

How Do You Respond to Bad Reviews?

Receiving a negative online review for your small business can be absolutely heartbreaking and, in many cases, feel like the end of the world. Properly handling bad reviews is key to running a successful online business. How Do You Respond to Bad Reviews? Here is…
Blog Printing

How to Start Printing Your Photographs

Printing your photographs for resale purposes is easy and rewarding. The process does not have to be complicated or stressful. Today, we will show you how to prepare your files for high-quality printing. Let's talk about the color mode. I like to start with the…