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Compare and Understand Paper Weights and Thickness

Paper weight is confusing. Our company describes the paper weights we've selected, but different print companies and manufacturers often use unfamiliar terminology and support varying paper types and paper weights. How does it all compare to each other? That's what we will hopefully answer in this article…
CMYK Gift Ideas
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Tiny CMYK Gifts for Designers and Print Fanatics

The universe of print is a wondrous and complex beast that can sometimes only be tamed by experienced designers or print industry leaders. Graphic communications experts are all around us, and they are typically undervalued even though they design, distribute, produce and market almost everything…
File Prep Problem #1 - Font Issues
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5 Common File Prep Problems You Should Avoid

Commercial printing can be a wonderfully rewarding experience for artists, marketers and entrepreneurs. Yet, It can also become frustrating since not everyone is a qualified graphic designer or knowledgable of the graphic communications industry. Improper file prep can lead to a final print product not…
Typography based newsletter design

Beautiful Newsletter Print Designs for Businesses

The world has been overridden with email newsletters as they invasively flood our inboxes. Yes, emails are unquestionably effective, but a well crafted and colorful newsletter can be more engaging and impactful for businesses striving for the attention of customers while building an impressive brand.…
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7 Deadly Sins of Printing

To ensure a fast and easy experience with Printkeg, or with any commercial printer for that matter, there are common occurrences that could cause order delays, missed deadlines or unexpected print results. A majority of customers need projects in hand as of yesterday - and…