Typography based newsletter design

Beautiful Newsletter Print Designs for Businesses

The world has been overridden with email newsletters as they invasively flood our inboxes. Yes, emails are unquestionably effective, but a well crafted and colorful newsletter can be more engaging and impactful for businesses striving for the attention of customers while building an impressive brand. Here are a few incredible newsletter designs we discovered at Behance.com.

This first design for The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore by Rays Ong and Lemongraphic are perfect examples of a contemporary design for old-style newsletters or programs.

Newsletter Design


Many businesses are still bundling company newsletters, like this one, with new customer packets and as mailers for existing clientele. There’s no question that classically printed newsletters are excellent sources of building trust by brands vying to maintain and grow their qualified customer base.

Business newsletter design


Also referred to as brochures, newsletters are useful as annual reports and company statistics and company news. Using Adobe InDesign, this business newsletter design was created by Braxas Moras and smartly embraces conservative blues and a clean setup.

Business newsletter


Here is another extremely nice design of a business newsletter by Master Graphic Designer Paulnomade Paulnomade from Germany who boasts a huge portfolio of booklet oriented designs along with other print media.


Business newsletter prints


One designer, Effie Herdi, showcases a beautiful typography-based newsletter design that she created as a class assignment. Are print newsletters making a comeback?

Typography based newsletter design


Company newsletters play as effective communication tools for medium and large sized businesses keeping employees or staff informed of internal events, policy changes, awards and financials. An aesthetically pleasing design can go a long way in staff retention and overall employee happiness. Do not overlook the value of a well designed booklet or brochure – even for internal company communications. This newsletter design we found at Behance is an excellent example of a nicely executed structure by the designer.

Company Newsletter


This final design by Mateusz Pasternak unites a classic newspaper feel with contemporary typography and is one of my personal favorites. This design could also be condensed into a single color or desaturated for black-and-white printing (which can be less costly in some cases).

Classic newsletter design



If you would like to see more newsletter designs, you can easily search for newsletters, booklets and brochures over at Behance or even Pinterest (and of course Google), but this blog post “Best Newsletter Designs for Print” at 56 Pixels showcases a number of nice newsletter designs too.


Printing Newsletters

4 Pages – These are basically 11×17 sheets folded in half which can be found on our half-fold brochures page.

8+ Pages – If you already have a multiple page booklet/newsletter design and need printing, please consider our booklet printing services.

Feel free to call us with any questions, custom sizes and/or deadlines for your next newsletter printing project.