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Inventive And Smart Uses of Postcards

Aside from the typical marketing purposes of mailing postcards, there are enormous opportunities with printing these little cards. Ranging anywhere from the popular 4x6 card to the large 6x9 card, postcards have so much potential, and we hope you enjoy some of these creative, smart…
Thank you card with stripes
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Design Ideas For Business Thank You Cards

Recently, we posted how important print marketing can be for freelance web developers. Part of that print strategy is to include business thank you cards. When a web project is completed, a thank you card reminds the customer how much their business is appreciated. I…
variable data infographic
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Variable Date (Personalized) Printing

We are happy to announce that we will be rolling out variable data options on some of our print products this month. What is variable data? Variable date printing is a form of digital printing where text, graphics and images can be dynamically changed per…
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Why Our Postcards Rock

Yep, our cheap postcards rock. Here are five excellent reasons why. Many sizes. PrintKEG offers more than 10 useful sizes including standard sizes 4x6 and 5x7. Other cool sizes such as 4x3 have really increased in popularity since they're super cheap and pocket sized. Perfect card…