Recently, we posted how important print marketing can be for freelance web developers. Part of that print strategy is to include business thank you cards. When a web project is completed, a thank you card reminds the customer how much their business is appreciated. I truly believe all small businesses should be sending thank you cards to customers. To help get your creative juices flowing, here is an inspiration gallery of nice thank you cards tailored for business use.

Business Thank you Card

Sometimes, a customer appreciation card can work favorably. The above card exemplifies a great way to encourage users to order again. By providing a coupon code, the business is offering 10% off for the next order making it a more difficult decision to try a competing company.

Elegant business thank you cards

Another business thank you card I found on Etsy is this elegant corporate card by felicitypaper. This particular design is more geared for the holidays and can be purchased in batches of 25 or as an editable template for only $30. Purchasing the file then printing with a commercial online printer will probably be much cheaper, but felicitypaper does offer some very nice paper options.

Cute thank you card

By searching Pinterest, I found this cute little thank you card provided by Tiny Prints. I can envision this printed on a heavy matte card stock where a handwritten note is added to the back or inside area (depending whether your card is folded or not).

Thanks for growing our business card

Anyone revisiting our website knows that we like clean design. The above design is simple and kind of recruits, and rewards, the customer as being a key player in the company’s growth.  This card can literally This particular card by ForeverFiances is literally plantable (as in you can seriously bury it to grow a plant).

Modern stationery

I like the design of this modern-looking stationery that can include a personalized note on the back.

Corporate thank you card

A much brighter and darker concept, this corporate thank you card is found on GraohicRiver’s website under card templates. You may need to actually search for “thank you”  in order to locate, but this card has a super profile-based design inside.

Retro business thank you card

Although I’m a huge fan, GraphicRiver is somewhat weak in the business thank you card territory, but this retro card template might work well for some companies.

Big business thank you cards

Another nice business thank you card from, the above hip card designed by Petite Alama comes in three color variations.

pk thank you card

We like to add our specials to outgoing orders (unless we are blind shipping) and this thank you card is one we began sending during a business card special. Most of our specials are only advertised to recurring customers since we love them the most.

Thank you card example

This is a favorite thank you card of mine because of it’s simplicity and sophisticated design. It could also be used during the holidays. Maybe it’s the developer in me.

thank you business card

I kind of dig the above thank you card by – a company with a quite extensive inventory. It’s a typography nightmare, but the rainbow colored thank you catches my attention, and I imagine it would catch a second glance from customers.

Thanks you card for business

This textured ivory thank you card with swirls also by is one of my favorites too.

Thank you card with stripes

This colorful zippy chevron pattern in blues and greens continues onto the card back. Fun and festive, this thank you greeting is a pleasure to give or receive.


It is definitely cheaper to create your own Thank You card design then print with an online printer like us. Explore places like Pinterest and Etsy to help find ideas for designing a branded card that best matches your business identity. Good luck!