Aside from the typical marketing purposes of mailing postcards, there are enormous opportunities with printing these little cards. Ranging anywhere from the popular 4×6 card to the large 6×9 card, postcards have so much potential, and we hope you enjoy some of these creative, smart implementations.

Photographs on Postcards

Mothers, parents or kids wishing to send photos to multiple family members may appreciate the savings by simply printing 4×6 or 5×7 postcards with an online commercial printer. Additionally, professional photographers reselling work can greatly increase profitability by embracing postcard printing. For instance, 250 single sided postcards may cost around $30 (.12 each) which can be resold for $3 to $5 each at an art show or exhibit.

Photograph on postcards

Reselling Art Prints

4×6 and 5×7 postcards seem to be very popular with artists of all mediums to resell art prints. There’s simply no cheaper way to sell small prints than choosing an online commercial printer – digital or offset. More color conscience artists should check with their printer concerning color profiles, but most professional printer’s everyday quality should suffice.

Postcards as small art prints


Home & Office Decor

Many aspiring artists are selling postcard sized prints that can be conveniently placed as inexpensive home or office decor. Slap a postcard in a frame to be hung in hallways, living rooms, offices, bathrooms or bedrooms. When organized into groups, framed postcards can look pretty slick as seen below. Artists may offer groups of same-themed prints or sets of their work for this purpose.

Postcards framed as decor


Wedding Invitations

Smart brides penny-pinching everywhere possible are embracing postcards as a excellent source for invitations and cards. Some women are actually selecting “invitations” or “greeting cards” since those products includes envelopes, but envelopes are fairly inexpensive to purchase separately. Wedding planners expecting 50 to 200 guests can easily save hundreds of dollars by considering postcards.

Postcards as wedding invitations


Save The Dates Postcards

Of course if people are using postcards as wedding invitations, they are also implementing them as Save The Date cards by brides prepared to make an official date announcement to friends and family.

Save the date postcards


Moving Postcards

This is a pretty clever and functional way to embrace postcards. By “officially” announcing that your family is moving, a fun postcard can be mailed with new, and accurate, address information. Not that people are sending letters to each other very much anymore, but it still may feel nice to be recognized as important enough to be updated in this manner. Don’t forget to tell the post office about moving to ensure those hated bills make it to the new address as well.

My New Home Postcard


Guestbook with Postcards

This unique “guestbook” allows event guests to select a postcard and write a little note on the back. After the wedding, the cards are collected and put into an album, made into a poster or left in a rack as a conversation started.

Postcard Guestbook


Holiday Postcards

It’s quite surprising to witness just how many families are ordering postcards rather than “holiday cards” or “greeting cards” since postcards are not the typical mainstream method for printing holiday cards. However, printing postcards can be a much less expensive way for printing 4×6 and 5×7 flat cards. I particularly prefer holiday cards printed on a heavy matte or uncoated card stock.

Holiday postcards


Postcards are high quality print items that are typically inexpensive since they are a major revenue source for online print companies. Simply by choosing this product over other types of printing can save a significant monetary amount for any project – especially one with a low budget.