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How To Quickly Create a Printable Postcard Using Canva

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Some of us are not designers by nature or nurture. Thanks to an online platform called Canva, normal people can create stunning and professional designs for almost any situation. We don’t feel that anything can truly replace a human graphic designer, but Canva comes pretty close! Today, we demonstrate how to create a well-designed double sided postcard within a few minutes using Canva.

Choosing a template

First, when you initially log in to Canva, you are directed to the templates area. Under “more options” in the “events” section, you will find a “postcard” template. Select that guy.

Postcard Template in Canva


Find a design

Now, Canva will present many 4×6 postcard designs that look great. For non-designers, this is a dream come true. Once you have found the template you like most, click on it. Try to visualize and consider any art or photos that you intend to use.

Pick o postcard design/template


Upload your art

This is a good time to go ahead and upload your art or photographs into Canva. We are only uploading one photograph, and the system handled a 300 dpi file like a boss.

Upload your art into Canva


Change text and colors

Now go ahead and start changing the text and colors of the design you selected to match your brand. Try to stick with the fonts and layout that Canva provides to maintain a professional appearance.

Change colors and text to fit your brand


We completed the first side of our postcard within a few minutes.

Add a second side

We are keeping things really simple to ensure the recipient understands the message and service. Now that we are ready to start on the second side, we can simply click on the “Add a new page” button below the work area.

Add a second side to your postcard


Add your text and logo

Now that we created a second side, we need to add some text. Canva allows you to add titles, headings, body text and provides many preset fancy text setups as well. This is also a good time to upload your logo if you haven’t already.

Add text to postcard


On the finished second side, we uploaded a logo, added a message and call-to-action plus contact information. The right side will be used for address labels and postmark.

Finished second side to postcard


Download the final design

Now that we are completed, we need to save our design. On the top right corner is a large download button which will provide four save options. Use “PDF: Standard” for proofing purposes then “PDF: Print” for high quality printing. Saving a high quality image will cost $1, but will be necessary if you are submitting to a commercial printer like us.

Saving and downloading final design from Canva


A few tips

Don’t try to change the design you selected too much. This ensures the layout remains professional.

Keep it clean. Stay on target with your message and be stingy about what details and contact information is provided in an attempt to portray your message to recipients in a glance.

Adding a call-to-action is essential for any postcard campaign. Be sure to add one. We added “Call Now” on the back of this card.