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Take Better Product Photos with Your SmartPhone

Photos are essential to highlight your products on social media or your website. They are also essential for printing your physical artwork for commercial printing. Not only do your pictures function as an eye-catching display, but they also help inform prospective customers. Today, let's learn…
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How to Sell Your Art as an NFT

Are you thinking about selling your art as an NFT? That is awesome! 22% of Americans currently own crypto, and experts believe that number will rise to 33% by the end of 2023. People are becoming intrigued by cryptocurrency, and terms like "ETH" and "Bitcoin"…
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Business Tips For New Entrepreneurs

I have learned so much as a small business owner for the last twenty years of my life and compiled my own business tips for new entrepreneurs. Along the way, I've uncovered many lessons the hard way and others the not-so-hard way. Many small business…
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My Personal Pet Peeves with Shopify

Let me start with this: I love Shopify. I rely on this platform for all of my income, and it is a fantastic solution to sell products. Please take this article with a grain of salt and do not make it part of your decision-making process…