How to Work from Home Effectively and be Productive.

In our list of business tips, we never discuss working from home. I have been working from home for years now since I have competent employees who take care of business. Like most new entrepreneurs or WFH employees, it is so ridiculously easy to allow unproductive days to slip by. No matter why you’ve decided to work from home, we’ve got powerful tips to help you remain productive and happy. Learn how to work from home effectively and be productive now!

Identify a work area

Sometimes I would love my workspace to be closer to the family, especially at night time. I dream of working from my recliner couch while watching reruns of Breaking Bad. However, I NEED a designated workplace to keep my mindset in the proper place. Defining a private and secluded spot as a workplace will help you work more diligently. Determining an appropriate place to rest will help you relax more completely. If you are working with a laptop in bed, STOP.

Plan your snacks and meals

Snacking and meals take up a severe amount of time. Try to plan out your eating habits and keep up with a schedule of some sort. Good planning helps you pick healthier alternatives. I gained twenty-five pounds in just a couple of months before taking my diet more seriously. Blast you, pandemic!

Get dressed

I try to keep my morning routine similar to the old work life at the office. Each morning I change into work clothes, clean my face up, walk the dog, etc. This transition mentally prepares me for work time. I no longer work in my pajamas, and I feel more productive and engaged. You are taking an extra step to tell your brain this is work time, not playtime.

Stay connected

The app, Slack, exists for a reason. I frankly think any social networking with work buddies and friends can easily become a huge waste of time and a major distraction during working hours, but staying connected is essential. If you need to keep in touch with your fellow workers, try a service like Slack rather than Facebook. I personally love using Facetime to contact the people I work with to feel more engaged and connected.

Go outside, walk around

I stand up and go outside a lot. For now, I believe our new puppy is keeping me healthy. I encourage you to stand up every so often, walk around the yard, take a break, check the mail, and do other physical activities. Each day, I take a ride to a nearby Starbucks mid-morning to give myself a mental break. Staring at a monitor or wall all of the time can lead to lower productivity. Don’t feel guilty for taking breaks that require a little walking around. Just be mindful of the time.

No TV and No Social Media

Your television and phone can become the most significant time wasters you will ever encounter. I cannot put my best efforts into what I am doing with background noise. Many of my employees waste time and work less efficiently because they pay way too much attention to Twitter, Robin Hood, or YouTube videos in the background. I try to keep my workspace tranquil and without distraction, so I can focus on setting up client artwork for printing properly.

Optimize your workspace

Optimize everything in your little workspace for premium production. Make sure your computer or laptop is dedicated to working. Try to keep your desk clean and organized. Cleanliness is one area I am terrible at, but I am trying to improve. My computer system is top-notch and capable of handling large art files with little effort, but the rest of my workspace tends to look like a hurricane struck.