cheap sticker printing
For quite some time now, we’ve wanted to revamp our sticker products. We envisioned brighter colors, numerous shapes and rounded corners – and that’s what we provide! The potential of our new sticker service is only limited by our customers’ imaginations. Stickers can be used as decals, window signage, labels and so much more.

But what makes them better than before?

First, we switched from a 60# Adhesive to a 100# Adhesive Matte. This transition ensures a more durable and high quality sticker or decal.

Second, the colors are more accurate and vibrant thanks to our new, more advanced, wide format inkjet printer. Each sticker gains the same superb color quality as our astounding large poster prints.

Finally, stickers can be in shapes of circles, ovals or have rounded corners thanks to our new plotter. My favorite aspect of this new cutting platform is the ability to provide die-cut stickers which can be used for almost any purpose.

All stickers and decals available by Printkeg are weatherproof and produced for indoor or outdoor use. They are also removable which means they can be moved from one location and placed onto another.

Oh yeah, there’s one more thing. We offer these stupendously awesome stickers at super cheap prices beating everyone else out there printing small runs of customized sticky stuff. We probably are not the place for large runs (1000 and over), but we’re heaven for small quantities.