Attention: Local Customers

local customers
It’s been nothing short of amazing to witness the growth of our little print company. Almost four years ago, when we still operated as struggling IDM Print, we recognized opportunities to compete nationally rather than locally. During that time, we streamlined everything and converted all of our marketing efforts into a massive online strategy that worked wonders for our business and has attracted thousands of new customers across North America. That kind of growth requires us to adapt by changing our business model.

At first, we operated IDM Print and PrintKEG separately, but that was a nightmare and extremely counterproductive. Within a year of discreetly creating PrintKEG, it was clear the online printing world was our future. All internal operations and external marketing efforts were combined. Beaufort residents were introduced to PrintKEG and finally able to take advantage of our low prices and awesome product line.

Within a small amount of time, we changed everything about our company including equipment, paper, vendors and marketing. Long story short, we’re more profitable and successful than we’ve ever been. But the key to maintaining our low prices requires serious dedication to managing efficiency. In order for us to compete on a national level, we simply must stay focused and work within a highly productive environment.

The final step in evolving into a 100% online company is to ask our local customers to begin utilizing the PrintKEG website for ordering. Additionally, as of September 1st, the “In-Store Pickup” option will no longer be available. By choosing “UPS Ground” prints will arrive one business day after the estimated ship date. We will also no longer support walk-ins which means local customers must have prints delivered and ask questions via phone, email and website.

Our staff members are building a print company like no other and we’d love for you to stick around for the ride. Thanks for everything and wish us well in our quest to become a major online printing force to be reckoned with.

Update: Needless to say, local customers hated paying for shipping, so we added “In-Store Pickup” back to the website. We apologize the inconvenience this may have caused.