It’s been awhile since we posted our first featured artist, Mr. Robbie White. Yesterday, a young man named Omar Patterson visited us to order some large prints of his artwork. Omar used to work part-time at PrintKEG while attending school so we knew this kid was talented, but I was honestly taken aback as I had no idea he was THIS talented.

Beaufort Artist - Omar Patterson
Omar, nicknamed “Omally,” is exhibiting his acrylic work and graphics at ArtWorks in Beaufort, South Carolina. He’s an extremely nice and talented guy, so next time you’re in the area, go check his work out. Omar grew up in Yemassee, attends the University of South Carolina Beaufort.

PrintKEG caters to artists of all fields and Omar is a prime example of who and what we stand for. We dedicate ourselves to assisting artists living as entrepreneurs and sharing their talents with the world.