Printkeg on Instagram
We love social media so we’ve started posting pics on Instagram, the popular photo sharing app.

With any social network we participate in, we like to provide a unique experience. For instance, we typically post daily deals on Twitter only, show off samples on Flickr, offer huge sales via email and engage freely with Facebook…

Sure we mix it up a little. You may find amazing daily deals posted on Facebook once in a while, or an Instagram post on Twitter, or some of our blog postings on LinkedIn, and that’s okay. We just make sure that following us through multiple channels remains beneficial and worthwhile.

We have a pretty decent mobile website, but in 2012, we intend to step up our game. With Instagram, we look forward to growing our brand and revealing a little more about ourselves as a small business in a fun way. Enjoy! @printkeg

Update: We continue to use Instagram as our centerpiece of social networking and have built many relationships with clients that originated from the photo-sharing app.