Examples of large posters

Our Posters Are Amazing

I’m proud of all the prints that ship from our facility; however, our large posters (also referred to as wide format printing) are simply amazing thanks to our high-end inkjet production machines designed specifically for the graphics arts industry.

high quality poster printing
Our posters are top quality and perfect for photographers and museums. Since our posters are also affordable, we’ve printed thousands for schools, churches, films and events.

Part of the quality lies within the paper too. Our Satin Glossy Photo Paper is optimized for photographic and high resolution prints resulting in vibrant colors and superior fade resistance. Photo Matte, Watercolor, Vinyl and Canvas are also available.

To better demonstrate our gloss phtot paper, we’ve been working a new video series. On the above video, you can visualize the quality of our large posters as Adam, PrintKEG’s new Youtube star, provides more details.

Also check out this video’s bloopers.