Extreme Testing of Packing Prints

Our shipping department always searches for methods of packing that is easy to open, secure and cost effective.

When packing our large poster printing we wrap and secure them inside super strong tubes. Next, we insert that tube into a shipping box doubling the protection. This is why its strange to us when we receive that occasional complaint of bent posters.

A few of our playful packers aggressively tested the tube’s strength.

Update: We’ve actually changed our method of shipping posters. We now use a much thicker, durable tube that no longer requires an extra box around it.

They actually threw, slammed and just straight up abused this tube (even more than shown). The two posters inside showed zero signs of abuse. No rips, tears, wrinkles smudges….nothing. And when we ship, we still put this tube in a box so we can’t imagine what UPS does to some of these packages.

It rarely happens, but if your posters are not in mint condition we will reprint them at no cost to you.