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Postcards Still Rule In A Digital World

Cheap Postcard Printing
On our old print news website,, I briefly discuss 5 Ways To Use Postcards in a Digital World and while writing the article, I further convinced myself just how much postcards remain an awesome and personal marketing tool even during a time of Facebook, email marketing and e-cards. There is a difference between a tangible postcard in a potential customer’s hand and an image on a computer screen.

I don’t have to tell many of you that. We print over a hundred thousand postcards each month, so it’s obvious many of our clients already understand just how powerful postcards can be.

PrintKEG offers seven sizes for postcards including the standard 4 X 6, 5 X 7 and 6 X 9, and introducing the raving 4 X 3. We offer the appropriate sizes for mailing purposes and those that are proven to be most effective.

PrintKEG offers three durable card stocks for postcards. Our most popular card stock would be the “Glossy Front & Glossy Back (110lb)” since it is durable and cheap. This high quality paper is our cheapest postcard stock since we order it in bulk. We also offer a “Glossy Front & Uncoated Back (110lb)” for easy handwriting on the backside. For a more elegant “matte” appearance, we have hand-picked an “Uncoated Front / Uncoated Back (100lb) card stock; a wonderful choice for a sophisticated, yet understated finish.

This week (until Feb. 3rd 2012) you can purchase 500 postcards for as low as $19.

Update (10/31/13) – We now only provide two postcard card stocks: 110# gloss card and 100# matte card. We no longer carry a “Gloss front / Uncoated back” card stock.