More Large Poster Sizes

More Large Poster Sizes
In the last few months, our team has greatly improved the large format offerings on our website. We’re excited to announce that we’ve added three new medias (photo matte, vinyl and canvas). Responding to customer requests, we’ve also added a range of new sizes to our wide format printing products such as large posters, banners and canvas wraps.

Some exciting new sizes include:

36″ X 36″ (3′ X 3′) – When we added the new sizes a while back, we should have thought about a 36″ square poster, but for some reason we thought the 24″ square was sufficient. We were wrong.

30″ X 42″ – This Arch E1 (or Arch 5) is an extremely common size. We had always offered this print size back in the day when we reproduced house plans, so it may seem strange that we didn’t add this size to our large poster printing sooner.

30″ X 46″ – This particular size is fairly common for framed prints and movie posters (27″ X 40″ is also another movie poster favorite). We aren’t sure how popular this will become but decided to throw it out there and see what happens!

We hope our large poster printing veterans find these new sizes useful for future projects. If you need a custom size, please do not hesitate to call us since we do our best to accommodate special requests. For selecting custom sizes. please locate the smallest possible size that your print will fit onto then inform a customer service representative the requested size. There are no extra fees for this service.

We invite you to view samples of our wide format printing on Instagram