Top Print Products For Bands

Examples of some postcards we printed for a country band Curtis & Luckey.
Thousands of bands across the country benefit from PrintKEG’s cheap print prices. You wouldn’t believe some the beautiful art that flows through our facility from our musically talented friends. Four of the most popular print products for bands include:

CD Covers – On our flyers page, we offer the size 4.75 X 4.75 specifically for CD cover printing. We also offer CD booklets. So far, I haven’t found a single other print shop that can beat our CD cover printing prices.

Postcards – These small cards are wonderful for handouts. Our 4 X 6 postcard prices are amazingly cheap, but the new rage has been with the 4 X 3 cards. They’re smaller, pocket-sized and pack more bang for your buck. We’ve also introduced a 3 X 4 card on our flyers page for customers needing an even faster turnaround.

Small Posters – There’s no question about it. We print more small 11 X 17 posters than anything else for bands. These posters are color rich, full bleed and nothing short of amazing – especially considering our unbeatable prices. 12 X 18 posters are also available.

T-Shirts – Shirts are a fantastic way to give back to groupies and band fans.