3 samples of wrapped canvas

Incredible Canvas Prints

The color accuracy and richness of our large posters has always been simply amazing, especially at the prices we offer. With such an impressive suite of wide format inkjet printers at our disposal, we knew we could offer an incredible canvas product, but could we do it at an affordable price? The answer is a big yes.


We’re proud to announce that PrintKEG now produces canvas printing. I was pleasantly surprised by the color richness of each stretched canvas print we made during development. Everything about them blew me away: The colors, the canvas thickness, amazing detail – everything. During testing, I thought we might be onto something big here. Now, I know we’re about to change the game.


cheap canvas prints

Canvas printing is offered as single sheets (commonly referred to as rolled canvas) or stretched around a frame. They make wonderful custom gifts or home decor for any occasion. With our canvas printing, artists can be more profitable when selling their art while also providing amazing reproductions.


Our Graphic Art Canvas (matte) is a premium cotton/polyester (65/35) blend canvas. The media’s stretchable, water-resistant, matte surface is perfect for fine art and photo reproduction and displays a subtle texture for a true artistic look and feel. Our giclee canvas printing utilizes high performance Canon graphics inkjet printers.