New Digital Press

Canon Imagepress
Mr. Keg and the team recently ordered a new digital press from Canon that will work alongside our current Xerox digital press. We’ve needed another press for quite some time now, but we wanted to make sure we chose the right machine for our workflow. That selection process consumed more time than we had originally anticipated. However, we’re certain we made the right decision.

First and foremost, this machine can handle at least five times the workload we’re currently running providing the capacity we need to meet the demands of our company’s growth. We’ve been running at maximum capacity for a while now (this is an understatement), and soon all that will change. It just burns our britches when even a single job is late and this upgrade provides the redundancy and speed we need to maintain ourselves as a cheap high-quality online printing company for years to come.

Other tremendous improvements include superior registration and color accuracy ensuring the quality is unrivaled by anyone else out there. The standards we set for our staff, our prints and our policies remains extremely high and our new digital press reflects that.

Products to be affected: flyers, postcards, rackcards, business cards, stationery, booklets.

Update: We have added a third graphics oriented digital press provided by Ricoh of America. The Ricoh digital press allows us to print on thicker substances such as 130# 16pt gloss card.