Mr. Keg Redesign

mrkeg designs
Mr. Keg needed to be redesigned badly.

At the end of 2008, we created and wanted a fun mascot to represent us. Thus, Mr. Keg was born. Within a week, we quickly developed our first website and designed a clip-art-like mascot. At the time, I really liked that little guy. I look back now, and yes, he’s a bit lame, but something about him stays close to my heart.

Within a couple days of launching PrintKEG, it was obvious our website was going to be a hit, so while we began work on developing a new website, an intern helped us create Mr. Keg #2. Number Two has been with us since 2009, so we’ve wanted a refreshed design for quite some time now. Since 2009, we’ve grown tremendously, built our own e-commerce platform and created our own internal customer management system. We’ve really changed and matured since then, yet Mr. Keg was ignored.

As we continue to improve everything about our company including our website, internal processes and production equipment, we felt it quite appropriate, and rather symbolic, to finally implement a new design for Mr. Keg. We hired a fellow, and talented, Instagrammer (@genuinehaha), who was absolutely wonderful to work with. The new design is more upbeat, contemporary and fun! We hope you like him as much as we do.