Star Wars version of Starry Night
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The Force is Strong With These Star Wars Artists On Etsy

Intriguing news recently emerged concerning the upcoming Star Wars VII film. Lucasfilms, a Disney owned company, released a statement indicating a “trio of new young leads along with some very familiar faces” would participate in the next trilogy. It has also been reported that director JJ Abrams allegedly expanded the roles of the original characters (Luke, Leia, Solo) than initially written. This is not surprising since shortly before Disney acquired the franchise, George Lucas himself indicated that contracts were close to being signed by actors Mark Hamill, Carrie Fischer and Harrison Ford.

Admittedly, I am skeptical of the next trilogy due to the colossal failure of the last movie debacle. Yet Star Wars is difficult for me to dismiss entirely due to the impact it had on my childhood. What a great time to observe Star Wars by showcasing amazing poster art by fans! After hours of research, I was amazed at the numerous Star Wars art discovered through Etsy.


These A3 poster sized Star Wars posters by handz come in a set celebrating the three original movies Scandinavian style. These would also make awesome Star Wars baby prints for parents obsessed with passing down the love of light sabers, AT-AT’s and droids.

star wars posters by hands



These Spaghetti Western, also known as Italian Western, prints are 20×30 Star Wars posters that arrive signed and printed on high quality lustre art paper.

western star wars posters by timanderson310

Mr. Anderson also created some posters envisioning a “pulpy crime fiction” version of the original Star Wars trilogy.

Crime Thriller Star Wars Posters

timanderson310 has compiled a wide variety of interesting takes on Star Wars, and I highly recommend spending a few moments looking through the collection.



I’m not sure I would consider this next Star Wars trilogy print set as posters, but they are certainly frame-ready since they are each 8.5×11. The artist, a naturalist, does indicate that additional sizes are available.

Original Star Wars Posters



11×17 inches in size and printed on a high gloss photo paper, this remake of Van Gogh’s famous painting Starry Night, but with a Star Wars twist, looks amazing. Any true Star Wars fan (or anyone with a sense of humor) will love this print.

Star Wars version of Starry Night



An artist with numerous Star Wars themed posters, Posterinspired, created this 11×17 poster collection digitally printed in black and white on textured card stock.

Black Star Wars Posters by Posterinspired

Another incredible collection by Posterinspired is this 11×17 vintage set.

Vintage Star Wars Posters by Posterinspired



An example of three modern style Star Wars prints featuring Princess Leia, Han Solo and Darth Vader. There is also a Yoda version that can be substituted. These 11×13 posters are digitally printed on card stock.

Modern Star Wars Posters by CaptainsPrintShop



And finally we found this minimalist Star Wars poster Chevron print set intended for a boys nursery.

Star Wars Poster set for boys nursery by TheCuttingEdgeShop


One more thing…

Not exactly a poster, this huge Death Star wall decal by Tapong caught my attention.

Death Star Wall Decal

There are also AT-AT’s, ships, super heroes and many more one color decals available.



You could literally search hours through Star Wars prints for almost any room space on The website and participating artists are simply amazing.