Nobody told my four year-old son that Nintendo was on a downhill trajectory. The Japanese multinational electronics company has acknowledged the failure of the Wii U system and is expected to soon venture into mobile gaming (aside from the DS series). My little boy adores playing Mario-related games on the Wii U and 3DS so much; naturally, he has Nintendo tees, bed spreads, curtains, wall graphics and more. When converting his room into Nintendo Land, we had a struggle locating a good Mario Brothers border, so we eventually discovered neat wall decals to use instead. Below is a gallery of the more interesting decals that we found.

Mario Brothers decals

The above popular set of Super Mario Brothers decals can be found almost anywhere including Amazon, Etsy and Target, but Amazon hosts the best prices.

Super Mario nail decals

My little girl loves decorating her nails, and I could only find the above Super Mario nail decals on Etsy.

Surprisingly, there are boat loads of Super Mario decals and skins available for laptops and Macbooks. The following example is one I particularly envision for my Macbook Pro and is available from Etsy artist, Vinylxsticker, but the design options seem limitless. Many more removable skins including characters such as Bowser, Luigi and Yoshi are available.

Macbook Pro Mario Decal

If you want to decorate the walls old school, visit for wall decals representing Super Mario from the old Nintendo days.

Mario Wall Decals

A totally hipster skin with Super Mario typography can be found on by artist Kody Christian. Society6 boasts that “skins are made from a patented material that eliminates air bubbles and wrinkles for easy application.”

Mario Macbook skin


While searching Amazon, my 5-year-old son and I found this decal set for Mario Galaxy 2, a unique set that cannot be found in any collection. Of course, we were quick to order.

mario galaxy decals

One last set of decals I personally thought would be amazing for any kid’s room – a life sized Super Mario world as wall graphics by BirthdayExpress on Amazon; unfortunately, my little boy disagreed.

mario wall graphics

It is amazing how much sticky stuff for this gaming franchise is out there for shoppers. Etsy, Amazon, Pinterest and ThinkGeek are wonderful destinations for finding interesting decals with gaming art. If you create your own fan art, it would be far cheaper using a custom commercial printer especially for reselling purposes.