Low Prices For Everyone, Not Just New Customers!

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Have you ever seen that Ally bank commercial where the new kid receives and eats ice cream right in front of another kid who represents current customers? Well, unfortunately, that is exactly what many companies do: Charge current customers premium rates while offering new customers ridiculously low prices. In my opinion, this just isn’t right.

You know what I’m talking about. Wireless carriers offer amazing rates for expensive phones for new customers while current customers are stuck in a two-year contract with little hope of affording a newer model. Numerous companies implement the practice of converting “trial users” into premium paying customers, especially online companies, including many print companies. Cable companies are notorious for these types of ploys. This is fairly common practice in our industry, and I don’t like it. PrintKEG won’t do it.

We prefer to build a model of trust where new and current customers can depend on low prices consistently. If we have a deal, we offer it it to everyone so current customers know they’re being treated fairly. Maintaining recurring customers trust is key to any company’s growth and attracting new business with deals unattainable to current customers is just not right.

This is why our prices are cheaper than anywhere else across the board. We earn repeat business by offering amazing prices backed with a 100% guarantee. Whether you’re a new customer or have been with us for years, we’ll stand behind our prices and products. In the end, we like to think we treat all customers the same, but if I could choose, I’m giving the best deals to current, and loyal, customers.

If you haven’t worked with us yet, rest assured. You’re about to be part of a print company that cares about you.

Chris Mullen

The above image is an example of a new customer who purchased stickers, rack cards, postcards and business cards.