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Well Designed Menu Templates For Restaurants In Need

Many restaurants, especially local ones, tend to not focus enough attention on presenting food options despite it arguably being an extraordinarily powerful marketing tool. Through optimal design techniques, the menu can (and should) play a lead role as a primary location for brand development and as a sales and profit enhancer. To help restaurant owners with lower budgets, we’ve created this gallery of awesome menu templates available from Graphic River.

Classic Menu Template

This classic menu template implements a 2-colored elegant dinner theme that strikes a nice balance of usability and minimalism. Since the color combination can easily be changed, almost any restaurant brand can adopt this setup. The A4 sized template is provided as a PSD file.

Classic menu template

Fancy Menu Template

An absolute deal for only $6, This next fancy modern design boasted as “The Amazing Restaurant Menu” is colorfully fun in nature and allows for a few easy locations to add professional photos. The novice designer probably shouldn’t disturb the color scheme, but the text and images are intended for modification. I can visualize this menu design for almost any dining type including burger joints, sandwich shops and cafes.

Nice Menu Template

Typography Menu Template

Many of the menu designs available on Graphic River (and other sources) include too many food images making it difficult to work with even for advanced graphic designers. We kept manageability in mind while searching for menu templates to recommend. This “A4 Typographic Menu” is another great template with a smooth mix blending images and typography that should be easy for most designers to swap and refine.  The below template also provides six different color palettes that should complement a variety of restaurant types ranging from steak houses, coffee shops and unique cuisine destinations.

Typography Menu Design Template

Burger Joint Menu Template

Anyone who has read our past articles will know that we like clean designs like this next featured menu template attuned for burger joints. The minimal approach will probably work perfectly for entrepreneurs or managers who have not yet been able to hire a professional photographer. This next template actually delivers a convenient package comprising a full sized menu, take out menu, business card and logo concept – a steal at only $8. This design is fully editable using Adobe Illustrator.

Burger joint menu template

Modern Menu Template

Again, we are really trying to stray from templates will overzealous imagery that would be far too difficult to manipulate. This 8.5×11 flyer sized “Modern Restaurant Menu Set” fits the bill with subtle image placement easy to swap within seconds by even a novice. The designer also offers templates for a matching take out menu, business card and table tent. Take out menus are typically an essential part of maintaining customers and attracting call-in orders so the extras are certainly welcome.

Template menu package

Simple Menu Template

Some restaurants have extremely small selections making some of the above menu templates far too large in scope. This next fully editable “Food Menu” is ideal for dining spots with a limited menu. Local restaurants wanting to showcase food or the surrounding area may find this template quite useful in any dining environment.

Small menu template

Natural Menu Template

The next menu template exudes a more natural and rustic appearance that might work well with BBQ places, smoke houses, gourmet burger joints and Mexican restaurants. Fitting for locations with a medium sized food selection, this menu should suffice for a large portion of most dining scenarios. The designer provides a 2-sided A3 menu, voucher card and loyalty card to present an authentic brand for prospect diners.

Natural Menu Template


Obviously, there are many more menu templates available at Graphic River so well known restaurants and startups alike should take time out to search for an attractive design that customers will enjoy.

Before manipulating one of these menu designs, be sure to read more about the science behind a smart menu setup. We recommend reading this article on It may be worthwhile hiring a graphic designer with restaurant experience that will help coordinate an aesthetically pleasing and strategically methodical menu that customers will appreciate. This brand building opportunity could be one major source of an ultimately successful business.