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Business Card Designs Embracing CMYK

April 19, 2017

Who on earth would anyone want ideas for business card designs that encapsulate CMYK? Print companies and graphic designers dedicated to print of course!

20 Reasons Why Square Business Cards are Pretty Slick

April 2, 2015

Although, we’ve seen square business cards implemented throughout numerous industries, it seems graphic designers, artists and web designers enjoy working with them the most. Any card beautifully designed will certainly make an impression, but, sadly, only one in one hundred card projects we provide are square shaped. We’d love to see more people embracing this […]

Cool Examples of Square Sized Business Cards

May 14, 2014

Square business cards are becoming more popular every day which often includes 2×2, 2.5×2.5 or 3×3; the smallest size being a clear favorite of our staff. Recently, a customer of ours printed a clean and contemporary design (as seen below). I personally found them to be perfect implementations of pocket sized marketing material where each […]

Wild Designs For Classic Sized Business Cards

March 24, 2014

Social media, digital marketing and QR Codes have really influenced business card designs in the last decade. Many of GraphicRiver’s participating artists demonstrate how the classic sized (3.5×2) business card can remain fresh, innovative and contemporary providing a more conducive eye-grabbing experience from prospects. This dark “Vertical Creative Business Card” by mylifer is a killer […]

Clean Business Card Designs For Microsoft Office Users

March 18, 2014

Many of us just can’t design a good looking business card to save our lives and Photoshop is absolutely no help at all (As a commercial printer, I am lucky to have a graphic designer on staff who prefers Adobe Illustrator). New bootstrapped business owners with access to Microsoft Word can benefit from the buffet […]

Business Card Designs We Would Love To Print

January 6, 2014

Vistaprint ain’t the only online print company with a kick butt business card deal. This week, we’re celebrating our new blog design with 250 business cards for only $10. We won’t stick our branding on your card, cards ship within a few days, and we print on fantastic 110# gloss or 100# matte card stock. […]

What Info Should Business Cards Display?

February 12, 2012

  Oh yeah, the digital world is a real hater when it comes to paper business cards, but cards are still essential when it comes to marketing, credibility and socializing. Like stationery, business cards still play a more personal role in offering contact information to a client. Additionally, the more ways a customer’s attention is […]