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Stunning Stylized Batman Art

Nananana . . . BATMAN!

Who doesn’t love batman both old school and newschool. Batman’s look has changed over the years, but the infamous super hero always stayed recognizable generation after generation. Artists, now more than ever, have created amazing stylized art of the caped crusader. Stylized art is basically putting an unrealistic or imaginative twist on an object or scene.  Who better to stylize than one of our favorite superheroes of all time, Batman.

Chris Uminga Batman

Artist Chris Uminga puts a dark-child twist on the classic Batman look. His style is very popular with tattoo artists.

Alejandro Ortega BatmanAlejandro Ortega made a great exaggerated version of Batman making him look extra beefy.

Argel319 Batman

Argel ThreeOneNine on Flikr showcased a clever grumpy old man looking Batman with short legs and a huge head. I see this as Batman at 75 trying to get back into the swing of things.

stylized batman painting

This unknown artist from shows a different kind of stylized Batman using oil paints. It is a little ambiguous, but the twist works.

joseph bayer batman

Our very own customer Joseph Bayer is one of our favorites around the office with his unique grunge splatter technique of stylized art.

Alexander-Stepanchikov batman

Alexander Stepanchikov shows a great depiction of evil Batman capturing all the great facial features that makes a great villain.

Greek batman 580x386

Nicholas Hyde does an awesome job mixing his love for Greek mythology with his love for Superheroes. I love that this picture is so simple yet it is very effective for the time period it is representing.

batman vs batgirl fan art

Artist Fairie designed an original depiction of young Batman. I can just imagine the 10 year old boy trying to be Batman, and he is in over his head with all his gadgets.

Artists have various types of mediums they enjoy using. Stylized art can clearly come in all sorts of forms including but not limited to paintings, markers, digital art, and plain ol pen and pencil. It amazes me to think how much time was spent on these stylized drawings. Stylizing an iconic superhero such as Batman can be a fun yet daunting project to take on. Clearly the results are worth the work! Great job guy! Now where are all the girl artists?