Postcards being packed for shipping

Shipping Lower Than Ever

This month, a few things are changing.

The above shipment demonstrates how we ship postcards. Cards usually arrive in stacks of 250 or 500 shrinkwrapped and protected with bubble wrap.

1. In 2010, we changed our toll free number to 1.800.676.0856. We hope this better system will serve customers more efficiently than before. We used a different VOIP carrier that seemed to be causing many busy signals and that just wasn’t cutting it.

2. We are always lowering our shipping rates. Starting in 2010, most orders experienced at least 10-15% lower shipping costs. We are able to do this since our volume has grown. The savings we receive from UPS are passed to our customers. Shipping is a major concern for us. We totally understand that 99.9% of people hate paying shipping rates, but since our prices are so low, we have to be very careful with shipping costs. Our people are constantly searching for ways of offering free shipping. UPDATE: We also added USPS services which lowers costs of lighterweight packages.

3. We will be adding more quantities and sizes this month especially in our postcard section. These additions include many USPS approved standard sizes.

4. We hope to be launching our new stationery / invitation section featuring hundreds of free designs at unbeatable prices. These free designs will cover holiday cards, Halloween cards, birthday cards and so much more. Here is a sneak peek. UPDATE: This feature was available for a couple years, but has been discontinued.

Keep checking with us as we continue to grow. We couldn’t do it without you!