McDonald's social distancing logo
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Popular Logos Getting the Social Distancing Treatment

Quite a few enterprises around the world are temporarily modifying their logos to bring attention to social distancing. Public health experts encourage this practice to decrease the spread of the coronavirus.

Social distancing is the act of maintaining a larger physical space away from people to prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, staying at least six feet away from people can lower the chances of catching the coronavirus.

Let’s take a look at some now!

McDonald's social distancing logo
McDonald’s Brazil separated its iconic golden arches in a picture posted to its Facebook page. McDonald’s ad sparked backlash, including from Senator Bernie Sanders, who tweeted about the company’s sick leave policy for its employees during the pandemic.
VW social distancing logo

The Wolfsburg-based automaker released a short video on YouTube, promoting social distancing, one of the World Health Organization’s most powerful tools against the spread of the coronavirus globally. The video ends with a modified version of VW’s logo.
Audi social distancing logo

Audi featured a gif of its original ring logo, with the four rings separating from each other. 
Chiquita social distancing logo
Chiquita posted a version of its iconic logo on social media without the infamous Miss Chiquita, who was “already home.”
Boston Red Sox social distancing logo

The Boston Red Sox temporarily changed its logo to remind fans to stay at least six feet away from each other when out in public to promote social distancing.
Mercado Libre social distancing logo

Latin America’s largest e-commerce platform, Mercado Libre, modified its most central design element to make a statement about the global outbreak of COVID-19.
Coke social distancing logo

The iconic beverage maker showcased a billboard in New York’s Times Square, separating each letter in the Coca-Cola logo. “Staying apart is the best way to stay united,” reads the advertisement.

Slovenian graphic designer Jure Tovrljan recreated the art for logos of high profile brands, including the Olympics, Starbucks, and Nike, to point out how the coronavirus has impacted our everyday lives. We enjoyed these clever social distancing logos, and we are sure you will too!

Starbucks logo imagined for COVID19 outbreak

Jure Tovrljan redesigned numerous corporate logos, including coffee powerhouse, Starbucks. While healthcare systems in the UK and the US experience a shortage of face masks due to panic buying, Tovrljan pictures the Starbucks siren proudly donning her mask. Starbucks did not officially release this. 
NBA logo recreated to reflect 2020 hiatus
Jure Tovrljan also redrew the NBA logo to reflect the season hiatus in 2020.
Olympics logo recreated for social distancing.
The Olympic games logo is reimagined by Jure Tovrljan. The rings are separated to support the many responsible citizens who are practicing social distancing. The Olympics did not create or release this logo.
Good Year changed to Bad Year as a logo.

Here is another interpretation of a social distancing logo by Jure Tovrljan converting Good Year to Bad Year.

We will post more social distancing logos as they are discovered.