Business Meeting

Business Tips For New Entrepreneurs

I have learned so much as a small business owner for the last twenty years of my life and compiled my own business tips for new entrepreneurs. Along the way, I've uncovered many lessons the hard way and others the not-so-hard way. Many small business…
Online Reviews

How Do You Respond to Bad Reviews?

Receiving a negative online review for your small business can be absolutely heartbreaking and, in many cases, feel like the end of the world. Properly handling bad reviews is key to running a successful online business. How Do You Respond to Bad Reviews? Here is…
Wall Art

6 Wall Art Ideas for Your Bedroom

The bedroom is an integral part of your home interior and is an extension of yourself in terms of style. This is why your bedroom wall art should represent who you are and what you like. The best way to decorate a bedroom is to fill…
Funny Political Cards

Funny Political Cards That Get Our Vote.

In my opinion, 2020 was an absolute garbage year for politics. Although the left and right will probably not see eye-to-eye anytime soon, I do hope for a more unison pathway. Today I offer humor from amazing Etsy artists who dared go political. Maybe today,…
Blog Printing

How to Start Printing Your Photographs

Printing your photographs for resale purposes is easy and rewarding. The process does not have to be complicated or stressful. Today, we will show you how to prepare your files for high-quality printing. Let's talk about the color mode. I like to start with the…
Shocked Computer Guy
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My Personal Pet Peeves with Shopify

Let me start with this: I love Shopify. I rely on this platform for all of my income, and it is a fantastic solution to sell products. Please take this article with a grain of salt and do not make it part of your decision-making process…